Contacting Wythit WI

Please note we are still up and running, but our meetings are becoming more creative and are sometimes online. Some of the scheduled events may change therefore we would love you to get in touch to find out more and we can let you know what is happening each month. See our Contact Page. Thank you and hope to see you soon.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Email: wythit @

(please remove spaces and add Wythit Enquiry to your subject heading)

We also have a Facebook group: Facebook Group

In order for your request to join to be approved you will have to answer the 3 questions. If these are not answered your request will be declined.

President, Beverley


07933 687 460

Secretary: Linda

Contactable at the above email address.


Meeting Location:

Each meeting may have a different venue, please contact us or follow our calendar for more information.
Our usual meeting point was the Black Swan Pub in Bedale. Unfortunately the pub is currently closed, however we hope to meet back here again in the future. Watch this space!


Location Map:

Location of the WI




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Please contact us for arranging to greet you on your first visit or just to find out more about Wythit WI