Wythit WI Activities/Meetings in 2022:

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Please note we are still up and running, but our meetings are becoming more creative and are sometimes online.
Some of the scheduled events may change therefore we would love you to get in touch to find out more and we can let you know what is happening each month. See our Contact Page. Thank you and hope to see you soon.





Games Night

The first activity of 2022 was a games night. The committee had sourced 4 tabletop games: Scrabble, Bingo, a Jigsaw, Countdown and the old favourite (not a tabletop game!) Charades. Each member picked a number out of a glass, this indicated which activity they would play, this process was repeated every 30 minutes giving everyone a chance to play all the games if they wanted to. SCRABBLE - needed at least 3 people to play, worked well on getting the old grey matter working, everyone enjoys a game of scrabble.
BINGO - This was an excellent game that everyone could play, good giggle at the how long it took to get a line, prizes (Chocolate) for line and full house. Even Annie could join in this game via Zoom, although she couldn't join in the prizes, plenty of takers for her prize if she won.....
JIGSAW - This was an excellent chance for a chat and catch up, whilst sifting through the hundreds of pieces. I think we managed the edges, well done ladies!!
COUNTDOWN - The board game is brilliant even had the countdown timer, no pressure it's just a game!
CHARADES - Another game that Annie could join in remotely, by the laughter in the room it was successful.
A very successful and fun evening was had by all.



Crafty evening

A last minute cancellation led to Beverley becoming creative and inventive and everyone having fun making Chocolate Bouquets.



Eithne Cullen, Author

Our meeting this month was a very interesting talk from Eithne Cullen author and published writer. Frances reported on the Spring Council she attended and the members brought donations for the Hambleton Food Bank.



Asian Fusion Cooking Demonstration

Our activity last Sunday was another cooking demonstration from our fab award winning chef Gavin this time it was Asian Fusion he showed us how to prepare fish cakes and a pork dish then the best part, TASTING! So Yummy!




Dance Fusion Workshop

We enjoyed an energetic evening of Dance Fusion exercise with Joanne from the Bedale Leisure Centre at our June get together. It was the first time in ages I'd done any kind of fitness stuff so was a bit apprehensive! The music was great, I knew the tunes which helped, and Joanne's choice of dance moves were all do-able and fun. We were all hot and steamy by the end, though it was a very warm evening. Joanne sorted a free day pass at the Leisure Centre for anyone interested. I enjoyed mine yesterday and plan to make it a regular thing. A great Wythit evening!





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