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December 2011

Christmas Wreath Making

Mal from Personal Touches Hair salon, Bedale who is also a floristy whizz came to demonstrate to us how to make a variety of Christmas wreaths using different techniques. We used silk flowers, natural foliage, glittery foliage/decoration, holly, ribbons and many other decorative bits and bobs. The result was great and everyone was really pleased with their effort. It kept us busy for quite a while and gave us some great ideas for future crafts.


November 2011

Nail Art

We had a very inspiring evening of Nail Art drawing flowers, swirls, stripes, sticking glitter, jewels and other interesting and colourful things onto our nails and onto false nails. We got loads of ideas and had a good practice. The photos speak for themselves.


October 2011


Wythit thought they’d jump on the Zumba bandwagon and see what all the fuss is about. It was an open activity to try and attract new members or just for people to come along and meet us and have a go at Zumba. Becky Hopkins, a local instructor, put us through our paces (rather energetically!) and we did two sessions with a nibbles and refreshments break in the middle for us to catch our much-needed breath. It was really fun as our photos will show. Everyone had a great (yet tiring) time and some people caught the Zumba bug!


August 2011

Bedale Bowling Club

Bedale Bowling Club hosted an evening of bowls and showed us how to play (and how not to play!). We had good attendance for a summer meeting, and it was a lovely warm, sunny evening which helped. We had a right laugh, but kept getting told off for being noisy and not taking it seriously enough! We had a great time though, and then had a drink and a chat in their clubhouse to finish off the evening.


May 2011

George And Dragon, Community Pub, Hudswell

We had heard a lot about the award winning George and Dragon Pub up in Hudswell near Richmond, bought and now run by the community so we decided to go and see for ourselves how it was doing and why they had won so many local and national awards. Martin (one of the key members of the community project committee) showed us a Powerpoint presentation of how they had gone about raising interest and finances in order to buy the pub, gut it and refurbish it and then get it up and running whilst maintaining viability. He showed us all the various aspects of the pub (mini shop, allotments, pub pig, library etc. ) and we played quoits against the Ladies of Hudswell and lost unfortunately! ! We then held pub quiz in teams along with pub customers and had a really great evening.


April 2011

AGM and Guest Speaker from Bread Actually

Wythit held their AGM and afterwards Valerie, founder member of Bread Actually (Bedale Community Bakery) gave us a very interesting talk about their community project, how it had been set up and how it was going. We then got to taste some of their yummy breads downstairs in the pub as well as some local cheeses donated by local Cheesemakers. A good time was had by all (and all went away with a full stomach!)


March 2011

Pottery Painting

We all had a go at Pottery Painting but some were better at it than others! Sally Reed from Cheeky Herbert had brought mugs for us to decorate with stencils, stampers or to paint freehand. The results were fabulous and it was a great evening with lots of interesting conversations round the table.

February 2011

Creative Writing

Budding Sophie Kinesellas and Maeve Bincheys were guided by Helen Smith in Creative Writing. It was a productive and fun session in which the Wythit girls discovered their literary skills and, you never know, maybe a new future author discovered her potential!

January 2011

Website creations and Social evening

Ideas were flashed around for our new website and content was written. We eventually came up with the current format and images etc and as you can see the result is fantastic. Feedback has been great.




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