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December 2013

Christmas Beading and Card Making

We made some fabulous Christmas cards from scrap crafting materials. They were very effective and easy to make. We also made a variety of beaded tree decorations such as hearts and beaded baubles. A very crafty evening overall!


November 2013

Reiki Healing

We were joined by Mark and Jan from Reikirelax, Leeming Bar who demonstrated some relaxing Reiki techniques including Thai foot and hand massages, Indian head massage. They also mixed individual aromatherapy oils and creams and showed us their range of healing crystals. It was interesting and very relaxing!



October 2013

Oriental Cookery

A local trained and experienced chef demonstrated some Oriental Cookery to us and allowed us to devour each dish. We had an Aromatic Fish curry, Thai Chicken with Basil and Chilli and a Nasi Goreng dish. A delightful evening full of interesting stories from our chef's culinary experiences and tastes that left us very satisfied!



September 2013

Superscrimping ideas/re-vamping

Committee members started the evening with demonstrations of Cushion making, bag decorating, magazine and pen holder creating and decorating, use of milk / juice bottles for bag seals and funnels when freezing liquids. Other members and guests also shared many interesting recycling and money saving ideas including, Monthly and general Budgeting tips, gardening tips, candle and fire-lighter making, cleaning tips, money saving use of supermarket loyalty vouchers, and plastic bottle and picture frame recycling into lots of useful household gadgets. A really useful evening and a great information sharing exercise!


August 2013


Lyn Auckinson, a local QiQong tutor, put us through our paces teaching us some basic techniques and exercises for core stability, balance, uniting body and spirit, restoring energy and breathing. It was an inspiring, fun but also relaxing evening. Afterwards we tried our hand at hula hooping and had a competition to see who could keep the hoop going for the longest. Great fun!


July 2013

Treasure Hunt around Bedale

This month Pat Lawson had prepared the route for the Treasure Hunt around Bedale starting at 7pm from the Black Swan Pub, Bedale.

The rules of the Treasure Hunt and Health and Safety points were read by all taking part before the Treasure Hunt began. 3 teams took part and set off at intervals, the two starting teams set off in opposite directions. The questions were all Bedale related, some of local landmarks, some clues part of the Bedale Heritage Trail. Some of the answers needed to be backed up with photos which, if correct, gained extra points.

The Treasure Hunt followed a pleasant route through Bedale town centre, down to the Leech House, past shops (full of clues) and on past the Health Centre and into the grounds of Bedale Hall and park and was very interesting even for people who live in Bedale who found points of interest they had never noticed before!

It was a competitive evening, all meeting back at the Black Swan. Everyone attending thoroughly enjoyed the evening and the Quiz Master, Pat, was fair but firm! First and second prizes were awarded.


June 2013

Make-Up Application

This month, fellow Wythit girls Angela and Jessica kindly gave us some interesting demonstrations of their make-up application techniques and tips.

Although the night was only attended by a few members this didn’t stop the enthusiasm of those present with plenty of questions being raised and tips and experience shared by all. Angela also provided printouts of her routine to those present along with a printout of some useful internet links to product and tips sites.

Following the makeup demonstrations, Veronica talked us through some hair styling techniques including putting Velcro rollers in, backcombing for styling and lots of other useful tips for keeping hair in tip top condition.

At the end of the evening there was an opportunity for the girls to swap their unwanted cosmetic’s with each other. A great time was had by all.


May 2013

Basic Dressmaking

This month, Seamstress Diana Dumbrell (The Sewing Lady) of Aiskew gave a very interesting and helpful demonstration of some basic dressmaking techniques.

Some of the girls from Wythit had brought along items of clothing they would like help with altering such as Trousers being narrowed at the hips or knees, elastic re-threading into waistbands, zip refitting, jacket sleeve shortening, jeans patching and children’s clothes altering. While showing these techniques, Diana also provide some helpful tips such as good use of Tailors chalk to mark items in specific places to aid sewing lines, best sizes for machine needles to use for different types of materials, use of overlocking (ZigZag stitch) to bind / strengthen the edges of materials while sewing up.

This turned into a quite industrious evening with some of the girls putting their items on for alterations and having a go at the alterations themselves with Diana’s help.


April 2013

AGM and Cupcake Decorating

Wythit held their Annual General meeting at which we summarised and chatted about the last year’s activities, we voted in a new committee for 2013-14, we discussed National and Local Federation WI information and got feedback and suggestions from our members about how best we can market ourselves and raise our profile locally. It was a fruitful meeting which will take us forward into the next year.

We then were given a demonstration on how to decorate cup cakes and we had a go ourselves. We decorated using lots of different styles, materials and flavours and you can see from the photos that the results looks fun but very tasty. We had a great but messy time.


March 2013

Social Night

We met at the Black Swan and had an impromptu social evening of chatting and getting to know new members and visitors who came for our charm making evening. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond her control, Emma had an emergency and couldn't get to us. We look forward to seeing her at a future meeting, when we hope to learn how to make charms for our handbags, mobiles etc.


February 2013

Tap Dancing

Our February meeting was very energetic and entertaining as we had a tap dancing lesson! Dorothy Edwards came along to our meeting which was held at the Dales Centre this time to enable us to take advantage of the wooden floor. The sound is made by shoes with a metal "tap" on the heel and toe. We were taught basic steps such as shuffle and shuffle ball change and eventually a dance was put together to music. Some of our ladies even came with the right footwear! A fun evening!


January 2013

Pamper Evening

January’s meeting was delivered by Carolyn M L Chapman, a qualified beauty therapist, professional skin therapist and make up artist who has her own business in Hunton. Carolyn started by giving us a short skincare quiz and then we worked in pairs and practised on each other with the products she brought along. We had eye treatments, facials, hand massages all under her expert guidance.

There was a raffle when a lucky member won some Dermalogical skincare products. We also had the opportunity of purchasing products at a 25% discount. We all had a lovely, pampered evening.





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