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January 2015

Line Dancing

This month’s activity was led by our very own Pat and was an extremely enjoyable Line Dancing session. Pat is very knowledgeable about various dance styles, Line Dancing being just one of them and she soon had all the girls moving to some good sounds and learning a few basic steps. We even quite successfully completed a few routines with some pretty nice rhythm and moves being displayed by all. We all agreed it had been an enjoyable night. We finished off the night with a memory testing game, where we went round the circle repeating the names of the girls present. Although a bit nerve-racking, we all managed with support of each other to get round the circle successfully. This was a lovely way to end the night and help to remember our WI friends’ names much better.


February 2015

AGM and Pilates taster

Beverley led the AGM which involved a summary of the year’s activities, voting for a new committee, thanks to Officers and committee members for their hard work, as well as a Secretary’s report from Judith and a Treasurer's report from Penny as to Wythit’s current financial situation. We also had an enlightening discussion about the national WI’s current campaign “Increasing Organ Donation’. This was to share opinions and hopefully raise awareness to our friends/families and colleagues of the campaign and its importance. Then our activity was an hour's taster session of Pilates. Jackie Walker provided a very enjoyable and hard working Pilates class, showing us some of the exercises and checking we were all doing them correctly. We found quite a few muscles that had been in hiding for a long while after the evening and well into the following week! It was surprising how much our muscles were worked without having to leap about all over the place and get out of breath. A very enjoyable evening was had by all.


March 2015

10th Anniversary Birthday Party

Very well attended by members and guests (new and old). Lovely to see Helen Brown (former President) and Ali Mason (original founder and former Treasurer). Thanks to both for coming along to share the celebrations and give some background to our WI and its formation. Lots of food to nibble and a birthday cake to celebrate, followed by a sing song of ‘Jerusalem’. The President presented Louise with a personalised, engraved key ring/handbag charm as a thank you for being a loyal founder member. Louise was very grateful for the gift and got rather emotional! A raffle was held for 2 prizes - a beautiful necklace donated by ‘Silverdale’ jewellers and a champagne bottle of ‘Celebrations’. Well done to Frances for winning the lovely necklace, and to Samantha for winning the chocolates. Thanks to all for helping to decorate the room and providing the ‘goodies’. A good time was had by all.

Tin crafting by Penny Thompson

Penny led the session with a demonstration of how to craft patterns and designs onto pieces of tin to decorate tin cans or journals. She showed us the best techniques to use and was very helpful throughout. A variety of materials were used and everyone had fun and made a souvenir to take home. Photos taken of all the creative items made. Thank you to Penny for a very interesting and entertaining evening.


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April 2015

Boozy Pudding's

Ladies brought an alcohol flavoured pudding along to share. They needed to savour the flavours and try and decide what alcohol had been used. A fun night was had by all, along with some recipe sharing.

Pictures also show the entries to the WI Spring Show at the Chantry Hall in Bedale. We had quite a few prizes. Well done everyone!


May 2015

Window crystals and beading workshop

Everyone got involved in this workshop - it was good fun and everyone made a window crystal - all were different and very colourful. Photos taken. It was suggested we keep them to exhibit at next WI show! Unfortunately there was no time to go on to make other items.

Many thanks to Anna for sharing her expertise and for providing all the necessary equipment.


100 Shades of Green - Joint Federations Exhibition @ Kiplin Hall

Heather, who lives within the estate, had kindly made window displays depicting 100 years of the WI and advertising Wythit WI and Made in Scorton WI which are close to her heart. Photos below.


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June 2015

Henna Tattoos by Annie Quratulan

A very enjoyable and entertaining evening. Annie talked about the cultural aspects of henna, customs, properties and how it is made. She draws freehand and many members were willing to have a tattoo. All were different designs and very pretty. Many thanks to Annie for her time and expertise


Attendance at the Centenary National Federation of WIs AGM at the Royal Albert Hall, London

Our President, Beverley, attended the National AGM in London on 4th June. Over 6000 women from across the UK attended this special event. Because it is the WIs Centenary year the Queen was present and spoke about history of WI. Princess Anne and Countess of Wessex were also present. Our local Federation's Chairwoman had made the Centenary WI cake which the Queen cut at the AGM, a photo of which was on front page newspapers next morning. Speakers included Lucy Worsley (social historian) who has made a documentary about the History of the WI due to be aired on BBC2 in June, Helena Morrissey (CEO of 30% club) and Baronness Tanni Grey-Thompson who spoke about life, disability and parenting. All the speakers were highly motivational and very entertaining. Next year’s AGM will be in Brighton - A Wythit member to attend if possible as we are the link delegate.


July 2015

Boxercise in the Park

The session was delivered by Amanda Roberts-Cope, from Body Talk gym in Northallerton. It was a 1 hour session. Members worked in pairs and completed 2 circuits of exercises, stretches and boxing manoeuvres. Also warm up and cool down session.

A very enjoyable but strenuous session. Lots of fun - plenty of pictures taken including video by Amanda of group in power walking race!!!!.

Everyone then returned to Black Swan. Amanda promoted new gym and handed out free passes for members and friends/ family. Also offered promotional membership - can pay on monthly basis so not tied in for £29.95 / month.

Thanks to Amanda for a great session.


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August 2015

Guided Themed Walk around Bedale

A lovely walk guided by Charlotte and Barbara around Bedale. Luckily the weather held and we heard lots of facts and dates about historical aspects of Bedale. We started at the church, then went on to the Hall, around by the bowls club, down Emgate, over the bridge finishing up by the Leech House. Thank you to Barbara and Charlotte for preparing and researching the interesting facts of Bedale.


September 2015

Scrap Bag making

Yvonne Preston, from Scrap Studio Arts in Darlington guided us through making a reversible bag with embellishments using scraps of fabric. She brought a number of sewing machines with her and some members also brought their own. Sharing the machines we were shown by Yvonne, then worked in pairs helping each other in order to make a bag each. The results were fantastic and we all learnt some new skills.


October 2015

Swap Shop

20 people brought items to swap. Clothes were displayed on rails according to size and there were tables for accessories, bags and shoes. We enjoyed a fun evening of swapping items which sometimes meant trying things on for size and a bit of negotiating who should have what - which was interesting and fun too! A few people were not bothered about swapping theirs for something else, but most people got lots of new things for free! We also had nibbles and a good chat to get to know each other better, as well as a discussion about how all four Bedale based WIs can work together for everyone’s benefit. There was also a raffle of a voucher for a wash, cut and blow dry with a local hairdresser. This was won by our very own Judith, who has recently moved away but still visits Wythit when she is able. A great evening and a very thrifty one too was had by all who attended.


November 2015

Dementia Awareness





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