Wythit WI Activities/Meetings in 2010:

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December 2010

Beaded Angels

Avoiding the stresses and strains of the Christmas countdown, the Wythit girls spent the evening making beaded angels for their Christmas trees.

November 2010

Cookery demonstration: Julie Clarke

Interactive and informative evening. A 4 course meal was prepared and members were able to taste from the completed menu.

October 2010


The senior squad from Lazercheer Academy put the girls through their paces, putting up stunts and waving their pompoms.

September 2010


Robin Hood would have been bowled over by the skills displayed by Wythit’s Maid Marian’s at Scorton Archers, as they shot at targets and burst balloons.

August 2010

Picnic with Catterick Garrison WI

Bedale Wythit WI joined up with members from Catterick Garrison WI for an informal picnic and a getting to know you evening. A mutually enjoyable evening was had by all.

July 2010

Treasure Hunt around Bedale

Several members of Bedale Wythit took part in a Treasure Hunt around Bedale. It was interesting and fun to find out about the background and history of out local town.

June 2010

Sign Language and Hats

Silent for once! The girls leant to communicate with sign language with the help of Shelagh Lamming from Mowbray School. She also brought along some hats which were available for a donation to the school.

May 2010


Richard Boynton, Choir Master, took on the task of coaxing forth the singing voices of the Wythit girls. Singing in the church choir stalls, their voices were raising the rafters, lifting spirits and expanding lungs.

April 2010


March 2010


Watch out Eastenders, Wythit girls put their acting skills to the test by practicing their role-playing skills, acting out various scenarios and using our voices to good effect, with Bridie O’Donnell.

February 2010

Social Evening

Due to bad weather, our speaker was unable to attend this meeting and so we met anyway and went ‘with-it’!

January 2010

Belly Burlesque

Shimmying, shaking their hips and suggestively spying over fluttering fans or feather boas, the ladies were directed through a choreographed dance by Sarah Trewhitt of Dance Kiya and then displayed their inner siren to create their own.




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